Hi friends, in this post, i am gonna show you how to download files from www.tusfiles.net without downloading the downloader.exe file.
Users from Tusfiles.net always complains about the doanloader.exe file they are getting by clicking download file button.
Now , i am giving you the tutorial about, downloading files from tusfiles.net without downloading the downloader.exe file, the pictures below is gonna help you understand. :)
If you go to tusfiles.net, you will get a page like this:


There are so much download buttons, easy to get confused. :p All of them is not legit.
How to  download:
1. At first you have to uncheck the box says "Use our download manager and get recommended downloads".
2. Now click on the red "Download file" button, now the download will start instantly. Sometime the red button could be green, it will be the same trick with all the colors. whatever it is, download gonna start.
Important Note: Tusfiles.net gives its users a decent amount of money depending on download. You can earn $10 on per 1000 download. Want to earn money? So *REGISTER here* . Dont be late.
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