Part 2: The First Two Weeks (1 Goal to complete) 

In my opinion, the first two weeks are "make it or break it" with ProBux users. Sadly, a lack of education will cause many to leave, but you are in the right place to avoid missing out on this great opportunity. During the first 15 days, you are not eligible for DRs, so do not focus on that at all.

Your ONLY  Focus should be:

- Getting into the daily routine of viewing the ads as signed to you
- Earning your first $0.60 so you can begin the referral rental process

It is critical  that you view EVERY ad assigned to you during this period so that you can remove the limitsb from your account and be eligible for DRs as soon as possible. You need to be a member for 15 days and
have 100 ad views to remove the limit.

TIP: View ads by logging in and clicking the "View Ads" button at the top of your page.


You are not going to earn much during the first few weeks, that's a fact.
10 days * approx . $0.06 / day = $0.60 ... Trivial as it may seem, $0.60 is your 1st goal.
Goal #1 - Earn $0.60

TIP: If you are able to complete mini jobs, you can reach Goal #1 within a day or two!

 If you are interested in a small jump start and have even just a few dollars to invest into your new ProBux business, there are instructions in Part #3. However, the 15 day requirement before you are eligible for DRs will still take (you guessed it) 15 days.


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