Part 6: Where to Share (2 Goals to complete)

What are some good types of places to share the guide?
Classified ads: Craigslist/others - People are always looking for ex tra income on those sites. I (the webmaster) found ProBux through Craigslist.
Sites like where you can pay someone $5 to share your guide on the web!
Answers sites: Yahoo Answers, Wiki Answers, etc. - Lots of people are asking how to get ProBux
referrals or make money online, let's show them!
Social Media: Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc - It's a good habit to share with friends and family!

 Blogs: Tumblr (be sure to add tags to your post so people can search for it!) / Others
Forums: Money making forums / GPT Forums / etc...
Interstitial Ads: is pretty cheap and works very well.
Other websites such as,, etc...
Other PTC networks! PTC sites with AdGrid almost always have cheap advertising!

Tell the people you have d irectly referred if possible. The bigger the co -op, the more referrals
we will generate!

Final Thoughts

Math is math, not magic


Mathematically speaking, the formulas used by ProBux are set up for you to be successful, if you are
committed to your own success. It is not difficult, but it takes diligence. Math does not lie, and it is not
magic. The numbers speak for themselves.

Promises and Guarantees.

Life is full of people who will say anything to get what they want. Watch out for those people! ProBux is not a get rich quick program, but you can certainly earn significant additional income if treated like a job/business. The ex amples used in this guide are accurate, however you should understand that not all of your RRs will give you 4 clicks everyday. .. some will give more, some will give less. So in that sense, the ex amples are accurate, but your experience will vary a little. Obviously I cannot promise you wealth, but I can guarantee that you will earn money with ProBux if you follow this guide!

To recycle or not to recycle?

Recycling inactive RRs is an option, but personally I feel the manual recycling is not cost efficient early on when the system auto -recycles for free. Read the resources section below for more info on various opinions and decide for yourself. Once you have an established income, manual recycling may be beneficial.
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