Part 4. 

Once you have 300 referrals, stop renting and save up $70 in your ProBux account. I will explain
this more in Part 5.

Join now and start earning today!

Part 4: Offer people benefits to sign up under your



 There are many ways to acquire DRs... YouTube, Facebook, word of mouth, forum signatures, AdWords, and a list of places towards the end of the guide! These are all valid and I encourage you to use any marketing skills that you have to promote your ProBux business.

This guide can be a powerful tool for you to get free direct ProBux referrals without spending money or much time getting them! Not only that, but ProBux referrals that sign up using the guide are more likely to understand how to use ProBux properly... this will make you more money and help them be successful as well. It's a win-win!

TIP: You should do this as soon as your account is eligible for DRs!
TIP: There is a lot of focus on rented referrals, but the people who make really good money make direct referrals a priority as well. Rather than promoting just a referral link, now you can promote a proven money making strategy that will bring you good quality r eferrals. I use to promote the guide as people on that site are looking for something like this.


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